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The Opportunity

Learn how a simple 3 step system will allow you to take control and create personal and financial independence working part time around your family and wherever you happen to be. Earning up to $8,000 per sale!

Work Life Balance

As traditional roles for men and women are changing in our fast paced and  often stressful lives, we are searching for balance in our careers, personal lives, and in the roles we play around family.  There is a momentum that is driving us to step up and play a bigger part in influencing our own future .

Personal Development

Our award winning programmes will assist you in breaking free from the limitations of your own thinking!  Once we learn how we can change old beliefs we start to show up in ways that reflect the truth of who we are and life takes on new meaning.

Who Are We Looking For!

We are looking for someone who likes to challenge the status quo and thinks outside the square,  someone who is passionate about their own self growth,  has a great work ethic and the desire to create financial independence working for themselves with an annual income goal in excess of $100k!  Are you that person!

Meet the Family

Our kids have inherited our love for travel.  Here are our boys in Canada, they would swap the hot Aussie summers for the snow any day.

We can't get enough of the fresh seafood on our trips home to New Zealand. Here's one happy hubby.

Melbourne Cup day lunch with my daughter at Sorrento Key in Perth Western Australia.


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Hi I’m Lyn Epskamp and welcome to my page

Here's a snippet about me...

Hubby and I are Kiwi expats now residing in Western Australia.  We have 3 beautiful adult ozzie kids and so far, 3 adorable grandchildren.  My daughter Stevie recently joined me in this business after giving birth to twin, choosing to be a stay at home mum.

I raised in a small country town and wanted to experience the world and the different cultures that make up this amazing planet. I am a lover of meditation, nature and a self-professed 'beach bum' and sarong wearing hippy.

Although we had travelled as young adults (on a dime) this business has allowed us to indulge ourselves at a different level and to see the world from another perspective.

I love what is on offer here, I've had the privilege of working alongside amazing like minded men and women who also want freedom to choose, a life of freedom, choice and financial independence... and are passionate about their own personal growth.

"The truth is, life is not happening to you....  Life is responding to you!"





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Me and my beautiful girls enjoying a family holiday in Bali.

Over 127,000 Lives Impacted

Our products have directly impacted well over 100,000 customers in more than 130 countries around the world and counting!

A Proven Track Record

This business system was developed over 15 years ago and embodies a global community of like minded men and woman who are passionate about assisting individuals with the teachings of our proven Business System and Personal Growth principles.

"After more than 25 years in traditional business, It was time for a change, the stress and uncertainty had warn us down... freedom, passion and potential was on my new agenda... It needed to be so different to anything I had done in my career, something that challenged my way of thinking... and would support us in retirement.  That is what I found here"  Lyn 

Portable and flexible, work anywhere at anytime

No parties, friends or family, no stocking of product

Full working system with exceptional support and training.

Work locally,  build globally, with customers in over 130 countries.

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Daring to be Different is the Path to Abundance

I represent an award winning Personal Development product line, with a global market servicing customers and business partners from the US, Canada, the UK, Europe and everything down under who have found success here personally and financially. 

The true magic of this business allows me to create my own success while helping others do the same!  We provide a fully automated system for day to day running, and offer exceptional training and support from industry experts.  You will have everything you need to create and achieve the extraordinary results you want in life and in work, all you need to bring to the table is a great work ethic and a 'do what it takes' attitude.

So…. If you are, looking for a way to improve your life, are ready to start creating the lifestyle you've always dreamed about, find out today if this opportunity could be the right fit for you to.

Simply enter your details in the form above and I will be in touch for a brief conversation and get you in front of our detailed business information to go over.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Lyn Epskamp

Now Expanding Globally

The Next Big Business Boom!

We loved the idea of business, it seemed the only way to create financial independence back then and wanted the best for our growing family... we created a fabulous lifestyle, but following the 2008 crash, the wheels slowly started to fall off. 

the business was taking away our freedom to enjoy it and by the time we hit our 50's we realised we were no longer in control... that's right... there was always someone else pulling the strings.  It had become stressful and demanding and knew if we wanted to enjoy a healthy and active retirement... we needed an exit plan.

The Problem that led me here...

The internet had bought the world to our doorstep offering online income opportunities, it didn't take much searching and I answered an ad, I answered a few questions in a brief conversation, was sent a detailed overview of the business model, loved what I saw, and here I am... as happy as I've ever been. 

I have always had an interest in the way we think, our relationship with ourselves and how we see the world, so it was no surprise to find myself here, working within the personal development industry.  

Yes, it was new, scary and challenging but I am amongst fabulous like minded people in an industry that encourages and supports your journey to success, I'd never seen anything like this before. Life has certainly come a long way from our traditional business days.


The ad that started my new journey...

The Business that was a boom...